Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh goody, another blog

Social networking sites suck for blogging, and any other blogs I may or may not be responsible for have long since slipped into disrepair. So, I begin a new blog. I hope to make this something of a mil-blog, only less military and other random crap. But first, a few things about me.

I'm just shy of 26 years old. I'm in the Army, which I love. I'm married to a beautiful woman the name of Rebecca (if I put some effort into the blog and post photos, you might even get to see her, you lucky dogs) and I've a 5 month old son whose name is Declan. They're my life, my love, and my pride. I would personally move Heaven and Earth for them. So you can imagine I am unlikely to hesitate to utterly destroy anyone who intended them harm. 

I come from an officer-free military family. My wife's family is almost entirely Police, Fire, and Rescue. So I get along just fine with my in-laws, who understand and appreciate the similarities in attitude that comes with the civil service business.

I'm a warrior and I'm a Patriot. I am in the military because I enjoy it, and cannot imagine another life that I would find better or more suitable, and because I serve a national of ideals worthy of my service.

I'm a Christian, and I serve God for the same reason I serve the Constitution and the people of the United States: He is an ideal worthy of my service, and my life. If I am wrong about His existence, I don't give a damn. I'm too busy living a good and temperate life, raising a family, and living according to the beliefs and ideals I believe he has instilled in me.

And that's what life is about, honestly: Finding an ideal worthy of your life, and living for it. 

I'll have more on these and other topics in upcoming installments.

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