Friday, January 9, 2009

So long nutjob, hello Dan Ackroyd's stunt double!

From Obama introduces new DNC chairman without old DNC chairman present.

In classic vindictive, back-biting style that has become the MO of Democratic politics since Obama gained prominence, the Democratic National Commitee welcomed their new Chairman...while the old chairman was on vacation. It's like getting dumped via a text message, then your now ex-girlfriend also posting it on Myspace, and she has about 45 million friends. 

And now Tim Kaine, Governor from Virginia, is the new DNC boss. If you didn't already know him, just imagine Dan Ackroyd's dysfunctional assassin from Grosse Pointe Blank, wait, you don't have to do anything from there. Just for comparison, here's Dan first.
And now Tim: It might just be me. Either way, congratulations, Gov. Kaine! The more time you spend working hard as Chairman of the Democratic National Commitee, the less time you have to spend f%#$ing up my home Commonwealth.

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